Skincare Detox for a Fresh Face

After a long day of having a full face of makeup on, I can almost feel all the makeup and gross pollutants from the day sinking into my skin and there’s nothing I want more than to cleanse my face from the day that its been through. So as soon as I can I’ll go to remove my makeup, first with some makeup wipes and then i’ll use a cleanser to follow up. I got sent Derma E’s Purifying Daily Detox Scrub and the Purifying 2- in -1 Charcoal Mask and incorporated that into my daily skincare routine. This daily scrub is supposed to protect your skin against environmental pollutants, support hydration and nourishment, and help remove toxins from the skin’s surface. So far this scrub has been working very well with my skin. I feel like the scrub does a great job of gently exfoliating, which is ideal for me in any sort of cleanser, as my skin tends to be pretty dry. I also tend to get lots of blemishes, and throughout the weeks I’ve noticed that since using this, my skin has been a lot clearer of blemishes than usual. After this I’ll use the Purifying 2- in – 1 Charcoal Mask, usually twice a week. This mask is meant to detoxify your skin and the charcoal feels very refreshing when applied. For this mask I usually only wait 5 minutes before it’s dry and then I’ll rinse it off. I’ve been really into charcoal products lately because charcoal is known to benefit your skin in so many ways. Charcoal can make your pores smaller as well as cleaner, it can treat acne and also help with oily skin. Now that my skin is feeling detoxed from the day I’ll put on some vitamin E oil to nourish and moisturize and my skin feels fresh from the day. That basically sums up my daily routine for taking care of my skin and making sure all the toxins from the day have left my pores for the night until they  decide to return for the next day. I hope you enjoyed my post and as always feel free to comment!

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