Studio Gear Dual Identity Wet/Dry Mineral Foundation

I recently got these products in the mail and was super excited to try them out considering that I personally haven’t heard of any other products like Studio Gear’s Dual Identity Wet/Dry Mineral Foundation. This can be used as a powder foundation, liquid foundation, cream foundation, and also as a finishing powder or cream contour. The versatility of this product is what really intrigued me. I also got in the mail the #3 Domed Foundation brush and the Revitalizing Day Serum. Overall I thought that the mineral foundation was pretty good, but the one thing that was a con for me is the application process. It can be quite difficult and take a long time to apply, and I’m really all about a foundation that I can quickly put on and be out the door. That being said, I really enjoyed the finishing look of this product. It gave a really flawless and natural finish. My favorite way to apply the foundation was by mixing the mineral foundation and the revitalizing serum together and applying that to the face with a brush, then setting it with the mineral foundation, which blended it all together and gave a really beautiful finish. I didn’t get the best results using the domed foundation brush though. I found the brush hard to blend with, so I would go with a different foundation brush if I were you. Overall my main problem with this foundation was the entire application process, but once that was out of the way and handled I loved the finished look. I hope you enjoyed my post and found it useful, and as always feel free to leave a comment!

Dual Identity Wet/Dry Mineral Foundation

#3 Domed Foundation Brush

Revitalizing Day Serum

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